Summer of Data Science 2019: Week 1!

Jun 6, 2019 | 2 minutes read
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It’s that time of the year again!!! Summer of Data Science 2019 (aka #SoDS2019)!!! If you don’t know, Summer of Data Science is an opportunity in which you spend the summer to figure out what you want to learn data science wise and make some goals to learn it! You won’t be alone though because others will be committed to learning during this time as well! If you want more information, check out Data Science Renee’s Twitter handle to find out more about it. The first week of Summer of Data Science 2019 is to list data science topics you’ve been meaning to learn about or brainstorm a new list. After that, research what resources you can use to learn those topics.

Taking notes from my participation in last year’s Summer of Data Science and taking in consideration my summer schedule, here is my list of what I want to learn. It is short and sweet.

1. Machine Learning

2. Machine Learning using H2O

I already jumped the gun with the second part of what we are supposed to do for Week 1 and I have been taking Andrew Ng’s Machine Learning course for the past few weeks. I have just started delve into H2O via Practical Machine Learning with H2O by Darren Cook. I also signed up for a tutorial which goes into machine learning with H2O using R at the useR! conference. As for applying what I learned, I am going to look into the classic Titanic Machine Learning Kaggle Challenge to get my feet wet.

Well that’s allll folks. I seriously don’t want to inundiate myself with learning a lot this summer since I will participating in another challenge called Summer of Crazy yet Fun Travel 2019. I’m focusing on this particularly with the hopes of it helping with job prospects. I decided that I would like to transition to a data science career or at least a position that allows me to both use GIS and data science. I’m not sure how I’m going to actually acheive this and luckily I do know of some people who help PhDs get jobs that are not in academia. However, I think this is a good start for now. After I am finished with the Summer of Crazy yet Fun Travel 2019, I will most likely hit up one of those people 😃. The good news is that I have some interviews lined up so I’m hoping one of those pan out. Fingers crossed!

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